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X5 Networks completes warehouse network install. Cabling, Racks, Fiber, WiFi, Routers, Switches.

X5 Networks Network Cabling Patch panel

This site required over 124 network drops. 100 drops in the office area to the MDF network room, and 24 in the warehouse IDF network rack for WiFi APs in the warehouse. This site required a 12 strand 500ft fiber optic run using OM3 Armored cable. We fusion spliced 12 pigtails on each end and installed fiber patch panels. We certified all splices with a fiber optic test set. (see photos below). After the cabling was completed, we returned to installed routers, switches, UPS's and PDU's, etc. We worked with the ISP and the client's network team to turn up the Network. No IT staff from the client side was required. We perfomed all the work onsite, including installing the phones and computers. Some cable drops required raceway due to the brick walls. We labeled and tested all cable drops with our Fluke cable tester. We confirmed all network devices were tested and working correctly.


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